Angry Tortoise Run – BRAVO ZULU!!!!!

angry-tortoise25k-flyer-d5This email came to me this morning, and I wanted to share it with everyone in ClayARES.
Thank you to all those who helped with the Angry Tortoise Run…

Andrew Lee, N4NXS
Doug Mann, K1FTR
Don Munson, W4GFQ
Eric Sanford, KM4DSG
James Schroeder, W1JCS


Good Morning Scott,

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks again to you and your guys for coming out to support our race.  You guys sure made the race run more smoothly and made my job a lot easier!

I’d also like to brag about the races accomplishments, which you guys were a big part of:

We raised about $1,000 for the FSTC Children’s running program, which helps keep elementary school kids active and healthy, which in turn helps improve their school performance and their futures!

The participants also raised over $350 directly for Cary State Forest, through the sales made at the Friends of Florida State Forest table.

And finally, we donated all of the left over supplies, food, and last years shirts to JASMYN, brining the total impact of our small 125 person event up to near $2,000!

Thanks again for your help!

Charlie Sauter-Hunsberger

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Get a better signal out of your handheld radio

thumb1“We’ve all done it. Standing on our tippy toes. The dance, slowly swiveling around, alternating holding our arms up in the air and hands close to our ears. I’m talking about the weird contortions we do until we get the best signal out of our handheld radio.”

Read the full article from KB9VBR

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2015 Angry Tortoise Run


This past Sunday, Clay County ARES supported the Florida Striders Track Club in their annual Angry Tortoise Run held at the Cary State Forest.

We had 7 operators on site for the event.  All communication was done via simplex.

Thank you to those operators who made this event possible.  The event organizers were very pleased with the support that we provided and have already said they want us to assist on other events!

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February was a busy month! Rather than bore you with the details….please read this month’s Newsletter it and get the scoop! GET IT HERE: March 2015 NFL Newsletter Final  Continue reading

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PCA Knights School Club Roundup Winter 2015

ARRL School Club Winter 2015 is in the books. Using the KB4SA call sign, the Pinewood Christian Academy Radio Club contacted 35 states, 12 DX entities (including Tasmania long path!) and several schools. Students from each grade (4th-8th) made contacts. 40 through 2 meters were worked with QSOs on all of them. Finally, the point total (30,160) was double the 2014 fall session.

Without question, it was a successful outing. Can’t wait for October 2015!

DSC_0051 DSC_0052 DSC_0053 DSC_0054

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