Winter Field Day 2018

Want to try your hand at HF? How about working portable? Or maybe just hang out with some other hams and enjoy some fresh air. Winter Field Day is coming up January 27-28. Several ClayARES operators will be meeting at Black Creek Park and Trail at 8:30 a.m. to set up radios and antennas. We’ll casually work other Winter Field Day stations until noon-ish.

Even if you don’t have your own HF equipment, come on out. There will be plenty of rigs there for everyone to try their hand at making contacts.

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Clay County ARES Equipment Database

Please complete the information requested in this form so we know what radio capabilities each member has in case of activation or deployment. Continue reading

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Florida Winlink Net January 22,2018

Standard Check-in this week.

Challenge Question:

Your being deployed to: Walnut Hill, Florida 32568 to support a disaster in the local state park there. You will be providing winlink email traffic to the Florida State EOC. You were told there is no internet there or cell coverage, and you will be working on emergency power. “Prior to leaving for your deployment, what, if any, changes would you make to your Winlink Express configuration to improve your readiness to operate effectively once you arrive in Walnut Hill?”

Put your answer on the second line of your check in message. Include information or changes you may make.

P2P Session:

Morning Winmor P2P Session: 0730-0900 3586.000 Khz (dial)  3587.500 Khz (center)

Morning Packet P2P Session: 0730-0900 on 144.990 Mhz

Evening Winmor P2P Session: 1830-2000 on 3586.000Khz (dial) 3587.500 Khz (center)

Evening Packet P2P session: 1830-2000 on 144.990Mhz

WHO: All amateur radio operators

WHAT: Florida Winlink Net

WHEN: Monday, January 22 ,2018 (any time on Monday)

HOW: This net will accept check-ins via Winlink only.

Please do not use a ?Telnet Winlink? connection (which defeats the purpose of Winlink). The goal is to have the message leave your station via RF.

Please remember to use the correct format for check-in, as shown below (check-in message on a SINGLE LINE, over an HF, VHF, UHF and P2P), as shown:


Subject: Florida Winlink Net Check-In

Message:  call sign, first name, city or town, county, state (HF or VHF, P2P.)


WD4SEN, Ray, Middleburg, Clay, FL, HF (P2P)

challenge question answer here:

All check-ins will be acknowledged, and a complete list of check-ins will be sent via Winlink to all participants.

**Please Do not request a return receipt**

If cannot access the winlink system or have hardware issues and need support, please drop me a note at: include your contact information.

73, Ray WD4SEN

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Jim W6LG Shows How He Connects 2 HF Antennas at the Same Time

Jim, W6LG shows how he recently used 2 off the shelf coax switches to connect 2 antennas to his transceiver at the same time. This simple solution replaced a box with vacuum relays, a control box and control cable. Continue reading

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      Gainesville Florida

Santa Fe College Building S-29 3000 NW 83 St, Gainesville, FL 32606

         Co-Sponsored by Santa Fe College Amateur Radio Club & Alachua County ARES

The “What-If” Approach Armies train for full-on war, and emergency groups probably should train for anything from “fair-weather fun” to “last-mile tactical” to “trunk-line heavy hauling” This and many more great topics discussed.

For more information see: Program and Speaker Information here.

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2018 Florida Strider’s Resolution Run

Florida Striders has asked that ClayARES support them for their 2018 Resolution Run on January 6, 2018.  We will need a total of 8 operators to handle Net Control and points along the 5k route.  This run will start behind the Orange Park Kennel Club and run along River Rd., as well as through a few of the neighborhoods along the route.  The run starts at 8:30am, so we will need to be set up and in position by 8:00am.  The run should be completed well before noon.

Click here for more information about the run.

Below is a sign-up sheet to volunteer for this event.  Please complete the information and you will be contacted with more information about the run.

Continue reading

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