Why Public Service-Oriented Hams Should Participate in Contests

n6vi3-1090x800You may have heard of the Fireman Olympics or lumberjack competitions. Most of you have seen a rodeo – at least on television – where cowboys (and cowgirls) do their thing in a stadium rather than on the range. What do all these have in common? They test skills used on the job in an enjoyable yet challenging environment. Guess what? Amateur Radio operators compete, too, in a variety of contests held throughout the country and the world. Internationally, this is called “Radiosport.” Domestically, we just call it “Contesting.” Many highly competitive radio amateurs consider their regular operating time to be part of their training for competitions. In a larger sense, though, radio contests are training that improves our ability to do whatever else we do in Amateur Radio more effectively. Continue reading

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Erika Dissipates, flooding still a concern

The following is a release from the Clay County Division of Emergency Management 1915EDT AUG 29 2015


Clay County Emergency Management- Erika Dissipates, flooding still a concern;

The Clay County Division of Emergency Management would like to take this time to warn all residents that even though TS Erika has dissipated, flooding is still possible along the North and South Prongs of Black Creek. Continue reading

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Protected: Clay ARES Nominations

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Smart Phone/Tablet Chargers for your Go-Kit

The last thing you need is to run out of power in the field. Here’s a list of some of the best portable/travel chargers for your phones and tablets to keep you communicating in the field, courtesy of Tech Radar.

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ARRL 2015 Hurricane Webinar now on YouTube

If you were not one of the 360 attendees to the 2015 ARRL Hurricane Webinar, you can watch it online! ARRL posted the Webinar to YouTube in late July. Be sure to tune in and take notes.

The first segment of the webinar is on PR. Make sure that you’re following the guidelines mentioned, including reaching out to your media reps and elected officials, if you haven’t done so already. While we always hope for a quiet hurricane season, as the webinar presenters note, there have been several storms that have hit during years predicted to be quiet. Make sure the media knows who you are and what your group does before the storm.

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