Amateur Radio Aficionados Have “Field Day”

Here is the article posted in the Clay Today about our Field Day! Bravo Zulu to all!!!



Clay Today Article — Click Here



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What Field Day Is REALLY All About

Here is a great web broadcast talking about Field Day.  HRN 208 What is Field Day REALLY All About

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Kids Day is Sunday, June 21!

normal_DSC_0112“Kids Day is Sunday, June 21! (Don’t be fooled — the incorrect date appears in the “ARRL Amateur Radio Calendar.”) Sponsored by the ARRL and The Boring (Oregon) Amateur Radio Club, Kids Day is a fantastic way to introduce young people to the magic of Amateur Radio by getting them on the air! Kids Day this month just happens to share the same date as Father’s Day. Participating with your child or grandchild would be a fabulous way to celebrate the special bond between generations. But no matter if you’re a mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, family friend, or neighbor, Kids Day is a great opportunity to open the doors of your station and let the youngsters take the “Big Chair.” Let them find stations they hear or work on a map, color in a map of states worked, or help them to build something.”

Read the entire article on

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2015 ARRL Field Day – June 27 & 28

OPARC & CARES Members prep antennas for Field Day Two antennas used for Field Day Comminications
(LEFT) Amateur Operators prepare to put up antennas (on right) for Field Day.

2015 ARRL Field Day is June 27 & 28 Continue reading

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ARES Manual Updated

The week following Dayton Hamvention will see the release of the new and updated ARES Manual. The ARES Manual and NTS Manual have together long been part of a single publication, The Public Service Communications Manual. The two manuals will now be separate publications. NTS leadership is currently reviewing and preparing to update the NTS Manual.

The new ARES Manual includes several new additions – inclusion of ICS forms 213, 205, and 214 for ARES use; an expanded discussion on training resources; clarification on the role and purpose of RACES; and copies of all current ARRL MOUs. The update is the first in over two decades and was a collaborative effort of field organization leaders, federal partners, and ARRL staff. The new manual will be made available online as a downloadable PDF.

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