Emergency Communicator’s Notebook

A new page has been posted called the Emergency Communicator’s Notebook.  it contains some GREAT information for Emergency Communicators.

Check it out here …  Emergency Communicator’s Notebook Page (this page can also be accessed under the EmCom Plans Tab)

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Acronyms, Phrases and Terms

Joe, W1WCN, has done training on some of the acronyms that you hear on the radio.  Here are those as well as other acronyms and terms you will probably hear.

  • Anderson Power Pole
    A type of power plug that the ARRL recommends as a standard so that different operator’s equipment can be quickly interchanged.
  • APRS – Automatic Packet Reporting System
    APRS is a communications protocol that allows stations to send location, weather, and other data real-time. It consists of UI or Unnumbered Information, meaning that the packets are transmitted without expectation of a confirming reply.
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November 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes for the November 2014 Clay County ARES Board Member Meeting are available here.

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ClayARES Christmas Party…fun in any mode!

The 2014 ClayARES Christmas Party will be December 2, 7:00PM at Journey Church, 6225 Lake Gray Blvd, Jacksonville, FL.

Now in Hamspeak…

PAN-PAN PAN-PAN PAN-PAN: CLAYARES; 021900EST DEC 2014 (030000Z DEC 2014); QTH 6225 LAKE GRAY BLVD, JACKSONVILLE, FL (30° 12′ 11.5884″, -81° 44′ 43.4106″)

And finally, in CW…

-.-. .-.. .- -.– .- .-. . …  -..- — .- …  .–. .- .-. – -.–  ..—  -.. . -.-. ..—  .—- —-. —– —–  -…. ..— ..— …..  .-.. -.-  –. .-. .- -.– -… .-.. …- -.. –..–  .— .- -..-  ..-. .-..

Finally, back to plain English…

Food, fun and frivolity! Not $100, not $50, not $25 per person! For just $10 per person you get to enjoy all of this and a recap of 2014 with the coolest radio geeks in NE Florida!  That’s right, just $10 per person.

Please RSVP Scott Roberts at kk4ecr@gmail.com by Friday, NOV 21.

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Clay County ARES Donations & Contributions

Clay County ARES is a 501(c)(3) (not for profit) organization. Ongoing efforts are made possible through generous donations of people just like you and those listed below.

Our special thanks to those who have made donations
& contributions to Clay County ARES.

To join us in our efforts by making a tax-free donation, please contact Joe Bassett, W1WCN at w1wcn@comcast.net or any other AEC for Clay County ARES.

Click here for a list of Donations & Contributions made to Clay County ARES

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