ClayARES (KI4UWC) ECOM Net Protocol/Preamble

Click here to download the ClayARES ECOM Net Protocol/Preamble.

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Break Tag Training Slideshow (1/25/15 Net Training)

A .pdf copy of the slideshow for January 25, 2015 net training regarding Break Tags is available here.

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Preparing for Evacuation, not Deployment (1/18/15 Net Training)

We often consider preparing to deploy as EMCOMM radio operators. However, there are occasionally scenarios in which evacuation is necessary, not deployment. Hurricanes are the first events that come to mind, but HazMat incidents or even acts of terrorism may require evacuation. Hurricanes provide a relatively long lead time but a HazMat incident will not.

Hurricanes usually provide lead-time to prepare for evacuation. On the other hand, HazMat and terrorist attacks imply an immediacy for evacuation. Therefore, it is important to have an evacuation plan, including supplies necessary for the evacuation before one is called. Continue reading

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Tower Removal and Relocation

Today, several members of Clay County ARES went to the home of SK W4NNO and removed a tower and moved it to Pinewood Christian Academy where it will be used for the KB4SA Boy Scout Club and the school’s radio club.

Special thanks to the Chambless family for the donation!

Here are some photos of the work… Continue reading

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ClayARES Bylaws

The ClayARES Bylaws are available for download here.

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